St. John’s Youth Programs


100_8566Godly Play is a spiritually-focused journey for young children.  The hands-on curriculum combines age groups rather than dividing children by grade-levels.

Acolites with Father David
Journey To Adulthood, for children from ages 11 through young adulthood, provides a liturgical frame for their experience in our modern culture, celebrates their individuality and their creative potential, and instructs them in skills needed for successful adult participation in church and society. This extensive program has three phases.

RITE-13 is a two-year phase for seventh and eighth graders who work toward building a sense of community, while discussing issues of self, spirituality and society. It’s not all work though, skating, sledding, overnights at Onanda Park and of course, pizza parties also build community. During this phase, these young people experience an important rite of passage as they become teenagers. The Rite-13 celebration recognizes the gifts of manhood or womanhood that God bestows on each of us.

We are especially excited to announce that our Rite 13 kids are venturing out for a totally new Christian ed. experience. In cooperation with the good folks at First Congregational Church, we will be combining efforts and “trading back and forth” in the coming program year. Every other month, kids from First Congregational will come to St. John’s and kids from St. John’s will attend the Congregational Church. Our teachers are looking to build camaraderie, a stronger group dynamic, and a more varied appreciation of ways to worship and learn. Look for more information as this new program evolves.


J2A, the next phase for 14 to 16, is the core program that blends action and contemplation in teaching our young people faithful living. To prepare them for adulthood, the program covers basic life skills while it aims to help these teens understand and affirm Christian living. The J2A phase culminates in a pilgrimage journey.


YAC, or Young Adults in Church, is the last phase. At this stage, youth are encouraged to take on adult responsibilities in all aspects of parish life and the community. Guided by their mentors, they learn to use the Anglican model of scripture, reason and church tradition to guide the lifelong pilgrimage in their faith. During this phase, they are also given the opportunity for Confirmation. For more information about the Journey to Adulthood program, talk to one of our clergy or one of the current adult leaders.


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