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Around St John’s Reasons to celebrate . . . 

Congratulations to David Beyea and Erica Skinner, both of whom are graduating from SUNY Geneseo this Spring. We are proud of both!
Are you interested for running for a diocesan-level office? Nominations will soon be open and there are positions on Diocesan Council, Standing Committee, Commission on Ministry, the Discipline Board, and Trustees.  Please see Fr. David if you want more information or would like to submit your name!
Were you aware that Family Promise is still working for the betterment of the homeless in Ontario County? They are going full-tilt and actually are serving more clients than ever! Although the Day Center is closed (except for staff working in their offices), clients are being served remotely and are still being assisted with medical concerns, transportation, and housing.  While several are in temporary housing until the limitations of the Coronavirus are lifted, every family is receiving services. Homelessness doesn’t go away for a disease . . . 
Don’t forget our high school graduates . . . . these are two very special young women and we want to hold up their accomplishments in this most unusual year . . . please consider sending a card or note to Phoebe and Emily to let them know how proud you are of them.  We’d like a full parish response!!
Cards and notes to our graduating seniors – please send during the week of May 24, 2020
Phoebe Durham  
Emily Griffin        

113 Park Avenue                   5151 Wyffels Road
Canandaigua, NY 14424

 This was part of the lunch-making scene on Monday at the Gleaners Kitchen.  

The guy below is Dr. Geoff Hallstead, Canandaigua dentist,delivering 16 dozen MORE eggs to Gleaners on Tuesday. We areso grateful and our guests love them hard-boiled!!On the right, one of the granddaughters of Julie and ScottCicora, in Atlanta, who found an Easter egg early, and whois having a good time with it, obviously!!

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