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As we have done in past years we have shortened the service by removing the Old Testament lesson from the eucharistic liturgy. If you know your church history, you will remember that there was never an OT lesson in the eucharistic service until the introduction of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, except for special days. It was always just the Epistle and the Gospel. (Check your 1928 Prayer Book if you have it handy.) Morning Prayer, however, did have an Old Testament lesson, but not usually a Gospel lesson. If you wish to read the OT lesson for the day, you can Google “The Lectionary” and pull up the week’s readings, or look it up on several other sites. Make certain you are using the Revised Common Lectionary, though.

We will say goodbye to our soloists at the end of the month to give them a much needed break. Please give your thanks and praise to Tracy Allen and Stephanie Durham who have graced us with the most beautiful vocal music through the pandemic. We are so grateful.

It was wonderful to see Mark and Mickey Broyles in church on Sunday as well as Cynthia Miller. As you may recall, we nearly lost Cythnia to sepsis a few weeks ago, so we are especially thankful for her return.

This is the week for techno-repair for SJEC. On Tuesday our computer system was “overhauled” by Steve at MacAve, and things that haven’t worked for several years are, once again. Melva and Tom have gained more connectivity, Tom got his email back, and tomorrow, Spectrum is going to come and see if they can get the bugs out of our transmissions system. Maybe the Zoom meetings won’t be interrupted with stop and start issues. At least we hope so. We owe John Taylor so much for keeping us going, but there’s so much more to it than most of us know!

Betty Phillips was our first home communion recipient since the pandemic began. She and the Rector visited on Tuesday and she is getting along just fine. She tunes in to the service every Sunday morning and is hoping to come to church one day before August hits and she flies to Colorado for her grandson’s wedding. We’ll say an extra prayer for her.

Daniel Chang, our unbelievable organist, will be off the first two weeks in August – headed home to see the family. David Kazimir of the Oberlin Conservatory in Oberlin, Ohio, will be our substitute.

The Outreach Committee met last week and gave away more money as is their task. One of the gifts went to Family Promise for their ACORN fund, which is much like the Rector’s Discretionary Fund for them. The group also sent money to the diocese for fire department support and to the Bishop’s Appeal in his honour. A discussion ensued regarding poverty in Canandaigua and all the issues related to it – housing, food insecurity, image, race, etc. It was an excellent discussion and will have an effect on the group’s direction to be sure.

Home Eucharist visits have begun again. If you would like communion brought to you, please phone Linda Mayton, our Parish Administrator, and you will receive a scheduling call.

We’re going to baptize Everlee Karson Ducey, daughter of Patrick and Tiffany Wolfe Ducey, on Sunday, July 25. Everlee is the granddaughter of Val and Susan Wolfe and has had to wait patiently for her baptism due to the pandemic! It will be an extra-joyous celebration. And, in case you didn’t know, mom is pregnant again!!

We need people to sign up for Lemonade on the Lawn – if you are interested, you need only bring the lemonade (or mix) and the nibbly things, like cookies. Ruth will set up and tear down for you. Please contact Margie Greer to volunteer.

Please submit your long and short term prayer requests to Linda Mayton and she will be certain they get where they need to be.