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Just in time for Christmas!!

Looking for something unique for a family member or friend for Christmas? Then look no more – here it is!! The Vestry has had a limited number of etched commemorative “St. John’s” Christmas ornaments made – to raise money for the mission and ministry of the parish. Each ornament comes wrapped in tissue to protect it and in a lovely gold net bag with a satin ribbon tie. The price is $25 per ornament. Order forms are available on the table in the reception area and distribution will begin in July. (Please note, the photographer is NOT a professional, clearly!)



More soup! Gleaners Soup and  Chili is available in the Lounge area for just $8. As always, all proceeds go to support Gleaners Community Kitchen.


“The class is small and the instructor is excellent,” thus sayeth the Rector! Gentle Yoga classes will continue Mondays and Wednesdays in the months of May and June at St John’s from 3:00-4:15, led by Dawn Rauscher, a certified instructor in Iyenger and Anusara Yoga. More information can be had by talking with Margaret (Margie) White at 455-5656.


The Stewardship Committee has finished its work and a draft budget will be presented to the Vestry at the December meeting. If you have overlooked or forgotten to make your pledge for 2019, there is still time. Every pledge is important to our mission and ministry and better late than never! And thanks to everyone who has helped us reach our goal for the coming year.

There’s lots going on around the church this week. The sidewalks that have been damaged and pitted for so many years are being repaired and replaced – all around the building. While all that jackhammering is a significant distraction, it’s going to make a big difference to the accessibility of the building. Please use caution this week if you are coming to the office or dining/kitchen areas. A challenge you might never have known about is finally being corrected as well. Our baptismal font – at the center of the Crossing where it represents the centrality of baptism to our lives as disciples – is so heavy (it is solid marble, after all) that it’s extremely challenging to move when necessary. The wooden base has wheels on the bottom that are completely inadequate for the weight and size of the font so, thanks to our friends at the Parson’s Pipe Organ Company in Bristol, we’re getting a fix! On Monday, two workmen from Highline Moving in Farmington came and lifted the font off the base. Fr. David then took the base to Parson’s where special wheels, just like the ones on our organ console, will be put on. Then we’ll reverse the process to put the font back in place and moving the font will be a breeze! No more marks on the floor, no more aching backs and legs, and no more laborious process of laying down boards in order to move this piece of liturgical furniture. Our thanks to Ric Parsons who is helping make this all possible.

The preparation for the Greening of the Church will take place on Saturday, December 22 @ 11:30 a.m. in the Dining Room. Brunch will be provided as will all materials. This is a GREAT community project, so please – join us – we need LOTS of help!!

If you are requesting flowers or a candle honoring or memorializing someone, you must fill out the form provided on the table next to the Sacristy. You can leave it in the box or take it directly to Deidre, the Parish Administrator. The cost is $40 for flowers and $5 for a candle. Verbal requests are no longer possible.

Melva will be taking photos for people who would like theirs in the new directory. If you have one you like, bring it to her and she’ll scan it. Or if you would like a new photos, she’ll do that, too!

Troop #32 is selling trees again this year at the Farmington firehall and Pack #32 is selling wreaths. Bill Haizlip will bring in wreaths for those from the parish who are interested in purchasing them.

If you wish to give poinsettias to decorate the church in memory or honour of someone at Christmas, the cost is $20 this year. Forms are in the weekly bulletin, and for those who receive this publication by snail-mail, we will provide one with the mailing.

St. John’s commemorative Christmas tree ornaments are for sale – $25 a piece. Just see Fr. David for yours!

The Women of St. John’s are selling pecans to raise money again this year – $12 for a one-pound bag of South Carolina pecans – freshly picked, no less! Grace Boudway will be selling them at church for the next two Sundays. Hurry and get yours, because we only have two and a half cases left already!! And . . .


Our friends at Quail Summit are sponsoring their 3rd Annual Holiday Teddy Bear Drive. The teddy bears will benefit local children’s charities and will be delivered on December 19. So, let’s collect as many new teddies as we can between now and Tuesday, December 11, and on that day, Ruth and Fr. David will take them all over to Quail when they go to celebrate the eucharist that day. We will set up a “Teddy Box” in the north transept for you to drop your Teddy gift into beginning next week. Let’s help make the holidays a little brighter for some special children in the community. Thanks!

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