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We’re beginning a food drive for St. Mark’s-St. John’s in Rochester in response to a request (made generally) by the Rev. Julie Cicora.  Their pantry has run out of food and needs our support. So, for the next few weeks, anything you would normally bring for our Red Wagon Pantry will be given to the pantry at the church in Rochester, as we share the abundance.  Below, you see Joe DaBoll-Lavoie, who brought up the wagon on Sunday, filled to the brim, for blessing.  Let’s keep it going for St. Mark’s and St. John’s and help a beloved friend and priest!


We have two more challenges to respond to – the first is easy and fun.  The Storybook Project, the county prison based ministry that we administer from St. John’s and for which many of our people volunteer, needs books because stock is low.  So, can we gather copies of Goodnight Moon?  We did it before, a couple of years ago – one hundred, to be exact!!  The books have to be paperback – absolutely no hard covers.  The other two books Shari Peck mentioned on Sunday were Love You Forever and The Runaway Bunny.  Bring your books in as soon as possible and we’ll set up a special table just for Storybook.  We’ll see how big the stacks get . . .
The last request is actually an outreach project from our Rite-13 kids.  Julia, Charlie, Dissa, and Markus are organizing a drive for Owens House Crisis Nursery.  They have already set up a series of boxes in the north transept (the space where the new window is) for drop-offs of, among other things, clothing for newborns – teens including adult sized hoodies, S-XL; gently used backpacks and duffle bags; new packages of socks and undies; toiletries like soap, shampoo, deoderants & lotions; winter clothes including hats, gloves, coats, mittens; baby and toddler food and formula; diaper and wipes, and books for kids. We had a speaker from Owens House last year – they deliver free, temporary child care during family emergencies including (but not limited to) medical emergencies, unexpected illness, accidents, unemployment, mental health episodes, unexpected death, domestic violence, homelessness,  legal issues, and unstable/unsafe housing. It’s the only program of its kind in the Rochester area.  Those boxes are just waiting to be filled and thanks to our youth for taking on this ministry!
So maybe you’ve been thinking about Bible Study but you aren’t so interested in a long-term commitment.  Have we got the Bible Study for you!  Every week at 9 a.m., a group of men and women meet in the Vestry Room and have a discussion about the lessons for the day.  So, the 8 o’clock folks have heard the sermon and bring some of that to the table, and everyone brings their thoughts, in general, to the table, and even some folks from other churches show up and bring their thoughts to the table.  And yet, we don’t have one, single expert or professional in the group. Everybody is there to learn and to share their thoughts and insights.  It’s a great group with a whole lotta learning going on – and if you simply want to drop in from time to time, that’s AOK!  None of the discussions are dependent on the past week’s group.  If you’re interested, talk to Peggy Kane or Joan Tierney, or any of the class members you might know.  They’ll be happy to tell you about their experience.

More soup! Gleaners Soup and  Chili is available in the Lounge area for just $8. As always, all proceeds go to support Gleaners Community Kitchen.


“The class is small and the instructor is excellent,” thus sayeth the Rector! Gentle Yoga classes will continue Mondays and Wednesdays in the months of May and June at St John’s from 3:00-4:15, led by Dawn Rauscher, a certified instructor in Iyenger and Anusara Yoga. More information can be had by talking with Margaret (Margie) White at 455-5656.


If you are requesting flowers or a candle honoring or memorializing someone, you must fill out the form provided on the table next to the Sacristy. You can leave it in the box or take it directly to Deidre, the Parish Administrator. The cost is $40 for flowers and $5 for a candle. Verbal requests are no longer possible.



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