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Here’s a fun photo!  Our youngest baptized member, Rowan, (3 months) in her dad’s arms (Russell), and our oldest baptized member, Betty Phillips (96).

Everybody has a favorite hymn or two . . . or three or four or more.  This Sunday, at church, you will find small pieces or paper cut and labeled specifically for you to note a hymn that is a favorite of yours.  Then on September 1st, we will have included some of these into the service for the enjoyment of all.  If it goes well, we might try all of August next year . . . 

One of the great traditions of the parish is coming up on Sunday, September 8 – our celebration of the opening of the program year at the lakeside park at Onanda on West Lake Road. We will share the Eucharist down by the water and then retreat to the smaller of the halls to share in a picnic for which Parish Life provides the meat and we all bring a dish to share  You’ll need a chair for the worship and a place setting for dinner as well. Rain or shine, come and celebrate together in a unique and special setting!!  A sign up sheet is on the bulletin board at the church.

On Sunday, September 15, we will return to our “two service” schedule of 8 and 10 a.m.  Vestry meets that day as well, and our kids will be back, so – we’ll be off and running!!

This program year, our teachers have decided that our three Sunday School groups (Godly Play, Faith Explorers, Rite-13) will meet every other week beginning on September 15.  Because the number of kids we have has dropped, and our age groups can’t accommodate the programs as written, we are adapting to make Christian Formation for children as accessible as possible.

The Gleaners Community Kitchen will close on Friday, September 20 for the annual cleaning, and will reopen on Monday, September 29.

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