Announcements, Sunday – July 19, 2020

Please pray for . . . 
. . . those who have been exposed to or contracted the coronavirus, and those who are suffering with the effects. Pray for all those who are caring for them And pray for us, as a people, to realize that we are all obligated one to the other to behave responsibly by wearing masks, safely distancing ourselves, and doing whatever it may take to lessen the impact of this pandemic.
. . . all health care workers (Hazel Robertshaw, Lisa Ivers, Brad Peck, Steven Schulz, Brian Piotrowski, Kevin McCormick, Clinton Monson, Laura Sponseller), researchers, assistants, hospital personnel (Sean & Erika Thornton), as well as all workers considered “essential” – delivery people (especially Don Morley), postal workers (especially Michael Ashley), grocery and other store workers, farm laborers – especially those who are immigrants and completely vulnerable beyond the virus, clergy and chaplains in every setting (Patti Blaine, Levi Gangi, Troy Preston, Brian Wilbert, Bishop Singh), and volunteers who are assisting in taking care of others. 
. . . our parish, that having experienced the isolation and disconnect of this virus, we may grow into what will be best to share the Good News in the future.
. . . Helen Wilson LakeLuAnn Lake Hurley, Jim Hurley and Duaa, for healing and wholeness. They have all contracted COVID-19.
. . . Roger Gardner, for peace and serenity. Please hold his wife, Pam, and daughters, Sarah and Julie and the extended family in your prayers as well.
. . . Carol Francis, for healing and wholeness.
. . . the repose the soul of Ben, grandson of Ginny Avery, who died in Texas on Saturday night. Remember her daughter, Ben’s mother, “Babs,” as well.  “May his soul and the soul of all God’s faithful departed rest in peace.”
 . . . Tate Williams, for healing and wholeness.
. . . safety and security for Telena Winans and her children.
. . . Ellen Sorensen, for healing and wholeness.. . . healing and wholeness for Bill Palmer. Remember his family as well.  
. . . healing and wholeness for Peter and Dorothy Grant.
. . . Bruce Kransler, laid off from his job.
. . . our parishioners in nursing and alternative living facilities, including Natalie Baker, Terry Carney, Sharon Horton, Rich Kolb, Ginny Avery, Ann Elia, Pat Perkins, Roger Gardner, Richard & Marie Tyner, Claire Haizlip, Bob Decker, and Laura Davis
. . . the sick, hungry and homeless, and anybody in any need or pain or sorrow – wherever they are, in whatever configuration, and for those who assist them.
. . . those seeking asylum and a better life, and for those detained/locked up at our borders no matter their circumstance
. . . prisoners and those on Death Row, and for an end to the death penalty, wherever it may exist.
. . . political leadersno matter their party, that they would make the best and wisest decisions on behalf of everyone in America.
. . . the unemployed and underemployed.
. . . those who suffer with loneliness and depression and for those who live with anger and animosity.
. . . our own beloved friends and family. 
. . . all those whose needs are known to God alone.
O Great Love, thank you for living and loving in us and through us. May all that we do flow from our deep connection with you and all beings. Help us become a community that vulnerably shares each other’s burdens and the weight of glory. Listen to our hearts’ longings for the healing of our world. Knowing you are hearing us better than we are speaking, we offer these prayers in all the holy names of God, amen.


Roger Gardner has been moved to a “regular room” at Clifton Springs Hospital. He condition is better some days than others. He is not permitted visitors except for his wife, Pam.
Ginny Avery was to have moved back to her apartment at Quail Summit Monday. Hope she got there! 
Congratulations to Ellen Foster who has sold her West Lake Road home and is moving to the Rector’s neighborhood (more or less, sort of, a little bit) on the north side of town, right off of Buffalo Street, at the end of this week.  “Welcome to the hood, Ellen!”
Our organist/choir director, Daniel Chang, will be heading home to San Francisco at the beginning of August.  He will have to quarantine for two weeks once he gets there, but he’ll be with his folks, so that’s not a challenge. Keep him in your prayers for traveling mercies and protection.
On Sunday, the Vestry dealt with the usual business of passing the minutes from the last meeting and approving, pending audit, the Treasurer’s Reports for June.  Fr. David reviewed the reopening plan for the church, explaining some of the requirements, and the Vestry approved sending it on to the diocesan committee that is looking them over. Fr. David noted that the bishop has said it’s not about permission, but they do want to be certain parishes have thought through all the aspects of reopening. A discussion regarding collecting school supplies for the fall was had and Fr. David will follow through with that with help from David Fronczak.  Fr. David noted that the bishop has cleared all parishes to resume sharing communion in one kind only on and after Sunday, August 16. (No wine for the foreseeable future.)The Vestry agreed to closing the church on the last two Sundays of August to give Fr. David and John Taylor a break, and to hold the service of September 13 at the lakeside at Onanda. People will be asked to bring their own prayer books and a lunch/picnic basket, since we cannot hold our usual “buffet lunch.”  The first eucharistic liturgy back in the building will be on Sunday, September 20.  John Taylor made a report on the issues/challenges of the bell tower, but noted that the repair work for which we contracted will be completed by the end of July. Then we will look at the bigger structural issues.  The meeting came to a close at 10:40 a.m. and as is our tradition, there will be no Vestry meeting in August
Copies of the Book of Common Prayer and the Hymnal 1982 are available right inside the door to the reception area, if you would like to take one home. There is a sign-out sheet so that we can keep track of them, but it does make the services on Wednesday and Sunday easier to follow if you have the books!  Please come and get one of each if you so desire.

Holy Week – April , 2020

     There are no services at the church until further notice. However you can join in to the services for Holy Week at the National Cathedral in Washington.

See below for details.


We are counting down the days until Palm Sunday and Holy Week.  I’ve been in discussions with other clergy, our bishop, and my “theologian brother.”  Here’s what it comes down to . . we simply cannot do what we would normally do and no week is more important in our spiritual lives than this.  It has to have a liturgical integrity that we cannot accomplish this year due to the Coronavirus.  So, in light of that, I am suggesting to each of you that you “plug in” to the services on the web at the National Cathedral.  The link is here:                                                                        
When you click on the link, there will be an immediate connection and the services should show and flow nicely.
The services are as follows: 

Palm Sunday will livestream at 11:15 a.m.

Maundy Thursday will livestream at 7 p.m.

What we refer to as the Night Watch will livestream (with prayer and meditation resources) between 9 p.m. and midnight.

Good Friday services include Morning Prayer at 10 a.m., the Solemn Liturgy at noon, and Compline at 7 p.m.

The Easter Vigil will livestream at 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Easter Day the service will livestream at 11:15.

You can watch as much or as little as you desire, but as I always tell you, experiencing the whole of Holy Week is a life-changing experience.  You will understand so much more of the life of Christ by going through it liturgy by liturgy.  You will not regret tuning into the National Cathedral, either.  Their services are extraordinary as you may know.  I’m sorry for all of this and sad for the loss of our own community celebration, but I suspect the next celebration will be even more meaningful and spirit-filled.