Trip to Corning and Christ Church

A visit to Corning, NY to the Corning Museum of Glass and a very special side trip to Christ Church, where our favorite “other” priest, Troy Preston is rector. Thanks for your hospitality, Troy!

The Baptism of Charlotte Marie Callahan

Charlotte in the midst of her baptism on Sunday, Septembr 24, 2017

Left to right: Sarah Peck (Godmother & aunt), George DeVita (Godfather), Travis Callahan (Dad) holding Charlotte, and Emi Peck Callahan (Mom).


Auntie/Godmother, Sarah Peck and Grandma, Shari Peck with Charlotte.


Nothing like a great party cake, right?

Restoration and cleaning of the Saints window over the Altar

The stained glass window project is now complete, with the exception of “Window #21” which will be replaced early next Spring. We are so grateful to Olivier Fournier and Antonio Belmonte for their professionalism and their incredible work ethic – we have saved the treasures of art and theology that surround us for many, many more years! And thank you to all of you for your generosity that made this task possible.