Columbarium & Memorial Garden

Bishop Singh dedicating the new Columbarium May 20, 2003
Bishop Singh Blessing the new Columbarium May 20, 2010


St. John’s columbarium has a capacity of 136 niches, with bronze faceplates. The alcove surrounding it echoes the carved wood details in the church. The original altar rail separates the columbarium from the rest of the chapel and accommodates a kneeling space along its width. The sides of the columbarium are finished with wood panels and trim.

Memorial Garden

The memorial garden, outside the church, is reached through the columbarium and chapel in the South Transept. The ashes of those who have passed are scattered and mixed with the soil.

A memorial plaque with the names of those buried in the garden is located to the right of the door leading outside.

The columbarium and memorial garden are for the use of members or non-members of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Recently, the Memorial Garden and Columbarium committee prepared new policies and procedures for the columbarium and memorial garden:

Columbarium and Memorial Garden Brochure

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