Here’s the COVID tracker website:

Please note: The risk in Ontario County, as it relates to COVID, has been lowered to “medium.” Therefore, with the onset of summer, a reduction of our numbers, and our ability to open all the windows and doors, we are dropping the mask requirement, at least for now. You are encouraged to do what you believe is best for you.

We will continue monitoring numbers in the region daily. If you have concerns, please see Fr. David.




Please return your filled backpack this Sunday, August 14. Thanks!!

We need a few more counters and a home eucharistic visitor who could do an afternoon visit once a monthCounters – see Liz Mattison and potential home Eucharist visitors please see Melva Brady.

Website is back up.

St. John’s has been nominated as one of the top five best places to worship in the Finger Lakes┬áby the Daily Messenger’s “Best of the Finger Lakes” initiative for 2022!! We don’t yet have all the details, but we’ll keep you posted and let you know what’s next.

The Vestry met on Sunday, approving the Treasurer’s reports pending audit. There was no correspondence to be shared. Fr. David shared pastoral concerns and a brief discussion of security on Sundays ensued. Warden Suzi Blatchford shared information about the ” Best of the Finger Lakes” contest and then Warden John Taylor reviewed the results of the surveys sent out earlier this summer. All parishioners will receive a copy of the results and the schedule of services intended for October through January. The tower repair was discussed as was the work needed before we can fix the wall in the north transept. The meeting adjourned at 11:15.

Plans for Summer 2022 are going full-tilt!! Here’s what we have so far…

+ August 14 – The Annual SJEC Croquet Tournament

+ August 28 – “Beach Blanket Pool Party” at Pecks

+ September 6 – The re-opening of the Gleaners in-house luncheon program

+ September 11 – Onanda Celebration

+ September 18 – Bishop Steve Lane visits

We need to continue collecting empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls for Lollipop FarmThey’ve called for our help with their newest influx of small animals – which has now grown to over 1,000 rodents!! Ruth Dainty is setting up a basket in the north transept for your convenience. And, if you have them, we do collect “pop tops” from aluminum soda cans for Ronald McDonald House. We actually have a little competition with our friends at First Congregational and sadly, they are much better pop top savers. Maybe we can beat them this next time. Bring you pop tops in when you can.


Please submit your long and short term prayer requests to Linda Mayton and she will be certain they get where they need to be.