Announcements, Wednesday – April 21, 2021

The Vestry met on Sunday after the 9 a.m. liturgy. Minutes were reviewed and approved as were the financials for the parish and Gleaners – pending audit. Craig Munger, our Treasurer, tells us all is well for the moment.

The Rector talked about his recovery (evolving nicely!) and discussed the upcoming Confirmation class. 

There was a calm discussion regarding keeping the church open going forward. The Vestry decided that we will stay open, monitoring the numbers daily and following the advice of Ontario County and other agencies.

Senior Warden, Debbie Cole-Wenderlich reported on the Outreach Committee’s most recent activity and shared that Family Promise is holding a training session for support congregations. Anyone interested should talk with Debbie.

John Taylor talked about the effort to restore the bell tower and Suzanne Blatchfordreviewed where we are with the retaining wall. Both projects are on-going. The next meeting is to be determined since the bishop will be with us on May 16.

The Rector was able to visit with Pat Perkins at The Pines @ M.M. Ewing Care Center on Tuesday morning. Although visiting is not allowed generally, the center has opened up to spiritual care visits. Pat looks great and says she is feeling AOK. She says the staff there is wonderful to her and the food is “passable.” She sends her love to all the people of the parish and said to tell you she misses you all.

So, apparently some folks were rattled by the inconsistency of the Psalm as read vs. the Psalm in the BCP on Sunday past. Fear not for the future, people! We will be using the BCP authorized versions from here on out.

Our tower bell is now officially out of commission for the next three months, at least. The good folks at the Verdin Bell Company came in on Tuesday and removed the parts that need replaced and will re-mold them and replace all the parts that were “falling apart,” if you will. The original clapper will become part of our historical archive!

Do you want to give flowers or a candle in memory or in honour of someone? Now that we’re back in the building for worship, you can do that so easily! Just take a form from the table in front of the office, fill it out, and drop it in the basket right there. (Don’t forget to send in your check or cash at some point!). Flowers are $40 for two vases and the Sanctuary candle is $5. If we don’t have flower donations, we will continue with the potted plants on the altar.

Congratulations to DR. Michelle Wenderlich, who was granted her Ph.D. recently after years of dedicated study and research. Michelle is one of the trio of talented and socially-conscious daughters of Mark and Debbie Cole-Wenderlich.

Michael Dudley would like to thank all who sent a card, made a call or visit, or contributed to the Ice Cream Gift Card Extravaganza! He had a very memorable birthday and is grateful to each and every one of you. 80 isn’t seeming so bad suddenly.

The Gleaners Community Kitchen Garden has come back from the long winter respite, with the tomato house up and the soil being tilled. We are grateful for the efforts of Lou Bliss and her team for, once again, getting this going.

Please submit your long and short term prayer requests to Linda Mayton and she will be certain they get where they need to be.

The Forward Day By Day booklets for May – July are in. Please phone or email Linda Mayton if you desire a copy.