Announcements, Sunday – May , 2020

Please hold these people in prayer:  

Pat, Peter, Mike, JoAnn, Jim, Joan, Dennis, Roger,Terry, Peg, Ann, John, Tate, Lois, Ken, Richard, Betty, Laura, Maud, Anna, Bill and Loretta

Please pray for . . . 
. . . those who have been exposed to or contracted the flu, the Coronavirus, and those who are suffering with the effects.  We pray for the repose of the souls of those who have died of them as well. Pray for healing and wholeness for Shantel, who has developed the virus, but who is recovering nicely.
 . . . Tate Williams, for healing and wholeness.
. . . healing and wholeness for Deidre Dye, our former Parish Administrator, who was scheduled for back surgery on April 2 in Rochester. But she has now been informed that due to circumstances, her surgery is postponed indefinitely.
. . . Patti Blaine, our deacon, who, because of her work at Strong (that is ending for now), must quarantine for two weeks, even though she has not shown signs of the virus.. . . healing and wholeness for Bill Palmer.  Remember his family as well.  It appears that his treatments are helping! 
. . . our parishioners in nursing and alternative living facilities, including Natalie Baker, Terry Carney, Sharon Horton, Rich Kolb, Ginny Avery, Ann Elia, Pat Perkins, Roger Gardner, as well as Sally Berry’s mom, and Shari Peck’s dad
. . .the sick, hungry and homeless, wherever they are, in whatever configuration, and for those who assist them.
. . . those seeking asylum and a better life, and for those detained/locked up at our borders no matter their circumstance.
. . . the unemployed and underemployed.
. . . those who suffer with loneliness and depression and for those who live with anger and animosity.
. . . our own dear loved ones. 
. . . all those whose needs are known to God alone.
O Great Love, thank you for living and loving in us and through us. May all that we do flow from our deep connection with you and all beings. Help us become a community that vulnerably shares each other’s burdens and the weight of glory. Listen to our hearts’ longings for the healing of our world. Knowing you are hearing us better than we are speaking, we offer these prayers in all the holy names of God, amen.