Calendar of the Week – February 23, 2020


Sunday         8:00 a.m.   Holy Eucharist

9:00 a.m.   Bible Study

  10:00 a.m.   Holy Eucharist, Sunday School

Monday     7:00 p.m.   Boy Scouts

Tuesday    5:30 p.m.   Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper

  Wednesday  12:00 p.m.   Holy Eucharist, Ash Wednesday

    6:00 p.m.   A.A. “Big Book Study”

   7:00 p.m.   Holy Eucharist, Ash Wednesday 

   7:30 p.m.   A.A. 

Thursday   10:00 a.m.   Parish Life trip to Women’s Museum

             7:00 p.m.   Choir Rehearsal

Saturday   10:00 a.m.   A.A.

Sunday    8:00 a.m.   Holy Eucharist

   9:00 a.m.   Bible Study 

  10:00 a.m.   Holy Eucharist

  Sunday School

Please hold these people in prayer: 

Pat, Peter, Mike, JoAnn, Jim, Joan, Dennis, Roger, Terry, Peg, Ann, John, Lois, Ken, Richard, Betty, Laura, Maud, Anna, and Bill    

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