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  1. It has always seemed very important to me to get people to stay for coffee hour and socialize. Unless they can be enticed by a coffee hour that is right under their noses (ie on the same level and convenient to the sanctuary) it just doesn’t happen. Other churches have dealt with this problem and we can deal with it too. Members of St. John’s and their guests need to have some time to chat and to get acquainted. This remodel, to my way of thinking, will provide just the space we need. I’m very glad that we are providing less seating (we’ve all been sitting for an hour!) and that the food is being simplified. The important aspect of coffee hour is the interaction, not having an early lunch. Thanks to all who are helping this happen!

  2. Congratulations, dear people of St. John’s and Father David, on the completion of your renovation. I can hardly wait to see it in person. You were so wise in your decision to undertake this project to create an accessible and beautiful gathering place for the people of your parish and others who meet there. This work has been a sign of a most important ministry of the church….HOSPITALITY! and you have done it well. God is surely present in this welcoming place because YOU are there. Anita and Fritz

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